The Bose family is made up of hard-working men and women focused on delivering automotive experiences that bring the vehicle to life. Working with integrity, collaboratively, and with a sense of community and family is extremely important to them. They believe in the mission, vision, and values of the ChadTough Defeat DIPG Foundation and understand that passion and dedication can create real change.

“Our healthy obsession with the power of sound pushes and inspires us to reach for things that are better. We believe that power of sound allows people to feel more, do more, and be more.”

-Bose Corporation

Bose Corporation has been supportive of ChadTough since its inception, with members of the Bose team attending both the very first Champions for Change Gala as well as the first RunTough event.

“The ongoing support from the Bose Corporation has been an essential part of what helps us act out our mission of funding game-changing research for pediatric brain cancer,” said Tammi Carr. “We are incredibly grateful.”

“Our partnership allows us to be part of the community. We are able to connect people with Bose experiences that fuel the human potential,” said Senior Marketing Manager Bruce Sanborn. “It’s that alignment of our missions that makes partnering with ChadTough a natural choice.”

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Research is the key

In many respects, DIPG and other forms of pediatric brain cancer are still a mystery. Your donations fund important research to help discover this disease’s weaknesses.


CANCER doesn’t just affect a child

The families that have endured pediatric brain cancer are also the ones emboldened to help other families.


Our tough heroes

Get to know the children who have dealt with the unimaginable. They are the inspiration behind everything we do.


One person can make a difference

Discover what you can do beyond your generous donation to help us build awareness and spread the word about pediatric brain cancer, especially DIPG.


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