Dave and Jennifer Latcha were introduced to ChadTough when they attended the first Champions for Change Gala in 2017 with friends. They were so moved after the event, they approached Tammi Carr and simply said, “We want to help!”

It would take a few months (mostly recovering from that first gala), but eventually Tammi and our Executive Director, Ann Friedholm, sat down with Dave to learn more about his marketing agency, Latcha+Associates, and his ideas on how he could help.

“Look,” Dave explained, “Jen and I have been blessed with the success of our business. We want nothing more than to use those blessings to help the world be better. You are doing great work, important work. I believe we can do better than 0% for these kids, and I want to help you get there faster. I have two boys of my own. What if this happened to one of them?”

We didn’t know it then, but Chad was very busy working some of his special magic. The foundation was growing and we needed help – more than we realized. As time passed, Dave, with the support of his family and team, kept leaning in more, and more, and more. Over the past two years, this group has made a significant impact on the ChadTough Defeat Foundation, and therefore on pediatric brain cancer research as well.

Today, Latcha+Associates plays a significant role in the overall marketing efforts of the ChadTough Defeat DIPG Foundation. They create and produce videos (that are used as PSAs through the generosity of EffecTV, leveraged via social media, and shown at ChadTough events). They support our website work, create and distribute emails, support our social media efforts, develop creative assets for our events and digital advertising (with the space generously donated by MLive Media Group), provide analytical support, and provide strategic planning support. In addition, they fully produced our first ever “ChadTough Live: Tougher Together” livestream event. Latcha+Associates has donated a full account and creative team for the benefit of the ChadTough Defeat DIPG Foundation, and Dave also serves as a Board Advisor.

“I am continuously blown away by Dave’s generosity,” said founder Tammi Carr. “He is purely motivated by the desire to help find a cure for pediatric brain cancer. Period. He is constantly looking for ways to add more value and relieve pressure from our extremely busy staff. And he wants absolutely nothing in return. In fact, he doesn’t even really want this page existing on our website. The only reason he is allowing it is because of how important it is for our donors to understand that we are not using their funds to pay for all of the creative work Latcha+Associates is doing for ChadTough. Dave and his team are absolute blessings to the ChadTough Defeat DIPG Foundation.”

About Latcha+Associates


Latcha+Associates is an all-inclusive marketing and production company that specializes in the customer lifecycle. They like to create “the next big thing.” They are creatives, analysts, and strategists who work together to investigate, imagine, and innovate before turning things over to their sister agencies (Rocket Studios, Shooterz, and Hallwood Studios) that help make the finished product.

In the early days, they existed for one simple reason, “to make cool stuff.” Over the years, they’ve done a lot of that – from their industry-first customized print program, to cracking the code of addressable TV. And they’ve received a good deal of recognition, including the Direct Marketing Association’s top mobile award.

Over 20 years later, the company is now mature – staffed with incredible talents and intellects. But they still have that same childlike desire to play – in ways that inspire the imagination and result in innovative solutions that others would have missed. Few companies are as self-reliant as they are. Latcha’s 5 sister organizations work together as a cohesive unit to give their clients the best of everything. With professionals in every field, they don’t just do it all with exceptional quality – they do it all in-house, under one roof. Latcha offers capabilities in marketing intelligence, content marketing, asset development, CRM, software development, creative, production, and media.

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