All events are welcome in the fight to Defeat DIPG. We appreciate your commitment to our mission.

We have a few ideas to share, but you can come up with your own too — be creative!

Stay in touch — we want to be able to thank you and help you make your fundraiser a success.

Feel free to reach out to with any questions about fundraising for the ChadTough Defeat DIPG Foundation.

Looking for ideas? Here are some of our favorites!

In-Person Event Ideas

  • Run a Sale or Stand
    Bake sale, lemonade stand, garage sale
  • Host an Outing
    Tailgating, golfing, give-back night at a restaurant or bar
  • Make It a Competition
    5K race, 3v3 soccer, tournament, trivia, bake-off, cook-off
  • Organize an Anything-a-thon
    Bowling, walking, running, swimming, biking, dancing
  • Produce a Community Showcase
    Collect recipes and sell a cookbook, sign people up for a talent show and sell tickets, auction off work donated by artists, designers, knitters, crafters, creators
  • Declare a Theme Day at Work or School
    Donate-to-participate: jeans, hats, PJs, costumes, or casual day
  • Celebrate Special Occasions
    Holiday giving drive, donations in lieu of birthday gifts, alternate wedding registry

Virtual Event Ideas

  • Facebook fundraiser
  • Watch party
  • Cocktail hour w/drink and/or appetizer or dinner delivery
  • Socially distanced scavenger hunt
  • Selfie or photo contest
  • Online auction
  • eSports tourney or fundraising event
  • Activity challenge (pushups, situps, etc)
  • Online poker or game night
  • Virtual trivia night
  • Virtual run/walk/bike event
  • Virtual cooking/bartending/craft classes
  • Virtual raffle or drawing (follow all local permit or license regulations)
  • March “Chadness” bracket pool
  • Contactless “garage sale”
  • Guessing games like “count the candy” to win a prize (ticketed entry)
  • Preorder bake sale (pick up or delivery)
  • Fundraising competition (challenge your friends!)

Tips for Successful Fundraising

Secrets to a Successful Fundraiser

  • Make the first donation or pledge — no one likes to go first, so do it yourself!
  • Involve your friends — having a fundraising team that works together can expand your network and reach!
  • Promote your fundraiser via social media to spread awareness and ask friends and family to share your posts. Don’t forget to post regular updates about your fundraising progress.

Use the Inside-Out Fundraising Strategy

  1. Start with your core connections (family and close friends).
  2. Then move on to your wider social circle (neighbors, classmates) and other regular contacts (co-workers or acquaintances from clubs or groups).
  3. Finally, engage the local community.

This progression helps you build momentum by focusing on people you know best first, gaining confidence as you go.

Event Planning Suggestions

When Fundraising for ChadTough…

    • Start by filling out our Fundraiser Information Form & Agreement.
    • Tag us in your event’s social media posts, so we can share your efforts on our Facebook and/or Instagram stories.
    • Post-event, tell us how it went and send photos so we can thank you on social media.
    • Understand the foundation’s mission and be able to share it with your fundraising ask. Helping people understand the need will lead to greater success.
    • ChadTough Defeat DIPG Foundation will send a tax receipt/thank you letter for all donations made online or directly to us by check. We cannot provide tax receipts for donations that do not come to the foundation directly.

Sample Event Planning Checklist

A typical event checklist might include the following:

    • Decide what type of fundraiser you intend to hold
    • Select an appropriate name for your event (using the guidelines listed earlier on this page)
    • Determine the date, time, and location of your event and get any relevant permissions needed
    • Set a fundraising goal for how much you’d like to raise — be realistic!
    • Create an event budget, including expected expenses and revenue
    • Decide how you plan to raise funds (selling tickets? through sponsorship? t-shirt sales? silent auction?)
    • Determine who your audience is and how you intend to reach them.

Create a Fundraising Page

We recommend collecting donations through an online platform. It’s easier for you and better for your donors.

Share Your Event

Please tell us about your event! We want to be able to thank you and to share guidelines for good fundraising.