We appreciate your commitment to raising essential funds for DIPG/DMG research. Our goal is to fully support your fundraising efforts and ensure their success. Each method outlined provides unique benefits and may be well-suited depending on the fundraiser’s nature, target audience, and the preferences of both organizers and donors. By combining multiple methods, we can enhance the reach and effectiveness of the fundraising campaign.


We highly recommend collecting donations through an online platform for its convenience and efficiency, benefiting both organizers and donors. GiveSignUp is quick and easy to use.

This platform empowers event organizers to set up fundraising campaigns effortlessly, offering features for event registration, ticketing, and fundraising. Donors can contribute easily through event registrations or dedicated fundraising pages, while organizers gain access to tools for tracking donations, setting goals, and communicating with donors effectively.



We recommend Pledge It if you’re planning to collect pledges from friends and family to donate for every mile run, hole completed, math problem solved or really anything you can tally!

PledgeIt is a fundraising platform that focuses on challenges and goals. It allows individuals and organizations to set up fundraising campaigns tied to specific activities or achievements. Donors pledge to contribute based on the completion of these challenges or goals. For example, someone might pledge to donate a certain amount for every mile run in a charity race. PledgeIt provides a way to turn personal challenges into fundraising opportunities.

Pledge it

Facebook and Instagram Fundraisers

Facebook and Instagram provide easy ways to set up an online fundraiser on social media and raise money for nonprofit organizations or personal causes. Users can create fundraising campaigns, share them with their friends and followers, and collect donations securely through the platform. Fundraising through Facebook and Instagram allows you to leverage the social network’s extensive reach and sharing capabilities to amplify fundraising efforts and encourage donations.


Venmo is a popular mobile payment service that allows users to send and receive money electronically. While it’s primarily used for peer-to-peer transactions, it can also be utilized for fundraising purposes. Organizers can collect donations by requesting funds from donors via Venmo, or donors can voluntarily send contributions to a designated Venmo account. Venmo provides a convenient and accessible way for people to support causes they care about, especially among younger demographics accustomed to digital payments.

Venmo @ChadTough

Cash or Check

Traditional cash donations remain a common and straightforward method of collecting funds at fundraisers. Donors simply contribute physical currency, which organizers collect and tally. While cash donations lack the digital tracking and convenience of online platforms, they offer immediacy and a personal touch. Cash donations are often used alongside other methods, especially at in-person events like charity dinners or auctions.

ChadTough Donate Page

You can direct donors to main donation page on the ChadTough website: https://www.chadtough.org/donate

Remind donors that for every $50 raised, we are able to fund an additional hour of much needed childhood brain cancer research.

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