Our research brings hope.

We directly fund the most promising, innovative research. Childhood brain cancer researchers are almost fully dependent on foundations like ChadTough Defeat DIPG to support their life-saving work.

Our nurses bring help.

We offer dedicated one-on-one support for families battling DIPG. Launched in 2021, My DIPG Navigator has now provided help to hundreds of families battling DIPG or DMG.







Annual Impact Report

In each annual impact report, you’ll find an overview of all the foundation accomplished that year. Read about the incredible projects we helped fund, inspiring stories of DIPG warriors, and more about our Family Partners from across the United States and Mexico who join us in our mission.

In 2015, two families lost their sons Chad and Michael to DIPG. Together they’ve channeled that heartache into finding a cure for childhood brain cancer.

We value collaboration. We partner with others who share our passion because we believe working together and sharing knowledge is the fastest path to a cure.