ChadTough Defeat DIPG Foundation envisions a world where kids diagnosed with DIPG/DMG have a bright future and can live out their dreams.

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Guidelines for a Successful Event

Please following these guidelines when planning your event so that attendees are not confused as to who is hosting the event.

  • Do not use the words “ChadTough” or “Defeat DIPG” in your event’s official name to avoid confusion with foundation-hosted events. You are welcome, however, to add the phrase “benefiting the ChadTough Defeat DIPG Foundation” after your event name.
  • Publicity for your event should not imply that the event is sponsored or co-sponsored by the foundation and/or that ChadTough Defeat DIPG is in any way involved except as the event’s beneficiary.
  • Do not use the foundation’s official trademarked logo when promoting your event. We have specific, approved versions of our logo for people to use when promoting an event for which we are a beneficiary (see the Printable Materials section). These “benefiting” logos should not be edited or altered in any way.
  • Other foundation trademarks that should not be used without permission include the orange Strong Boy figure and the phrase “Defeat DIPG.”
  • We are happy to review any of your promotional materials or designs to ensure they adhere to these guidelines. They can be sent to Amy Lepore at

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