Give a ray of hope to the children who are diagnosed with pediatric brain cancer especially DIPG, the deadliest type  by becoming a sustaining donor now. Even a small monthly commitment can turn into a big impact in the fight for a cure!

  • $125 funds almost four days of research annually
  • $60 funds another hour of research each month
  • $30 honors the 30 children diagnosed with DIPG each month
  • $10 funds 2 hours of research annually
  • $5 (the cost of a cup of coffee) funds an hour of research each year

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I give monthly?

As soon as you submit your first monthly donation, you become part of the Sunrise Club, a group of supporters committed to ending pediatric brain cancer, especially DIPG. The consistent support of monthly donations helps the ChadTough Defeat DIPG Foundation plan for the future and anticipate which research projects can be funded in the year ahead.

How is my monthly donation used?

By committing to a monthly donation to the ChadTough Defeat DIPG Foundation, you make a sustainable gift that will be used month after month tofund innovative research.

Can I donate in honor or in memory of someone?

Yes, select the option to donate “In honor of” or “In memory of” at checkout and include the person’s name. ChadTough Defeat DIPG will notify the individual or the individual’s family of your tribute gift.

How do I update my contact information, change the amount I give or the payment method, or cancel my membership?

We are here to help! Email us at and we will make the changes you request.

How will I receive a record of my monthly gifts?

At the end of the year, we’ll send you a tax receipt with a compiled list of all your gifts. If you’d like a receipt before the end of the year, you can request one by calling our office or simply emailing Lesley Hundley at

Why We Give


“I learned about DIPG right after my oldest son was born. As a mom, I couldn’t even imagine the pain that the Carr family was going through after Chad’s diagnosis. Chad’s story changed my life in many ways, and I knew that God was telling me that I had to help. I had to do something – whether that was volunteer, raise awareness, or simply give what I could to the cause. Life can be hectic with three little ones, so giving monthly is our small way of being able to stay involved and keep supporting such an incredible and deserving cause. The DIPG statistics, the suffering, the children – they all deserve better and anyone can help make a difference.”

– Sarah, Plymouth, MI


“I chose to become a member of the monthly giving program because it gives me the opportunity to support the foundation with ease on a regular basis and, at the same time, still be supportive of the various fundraising efforts during the course of the year which are always very uplifting and enjoyable. The ChadTough Defeat DIPG Foundation is doing amazing things with the funds raised to date. Keep up the great work!”

– Sandy, Ann Arbor, MI


“I’ve always enjoyed participating in various ChadTough fundraisers that provide funding via each event. When the ChadTough Defeat DIPG Foundation created the opportunity to donate on a monthly basis, I thought it was a wonderful opportunity to allow a steady stream of funding that could be counted on between events. I highly recommend everyone consider making a recurring donation that meets your giving budget. It was easy to start and gives one a tremendous amount of personal gratification knowing you can be counted on regularly to support ChadTough.”

– Brian, Huntsville, AL

Donate online now! It's the surest and fastest way to support ChadTough. Your donation will fund game-changing DIPG/DMG research. Your donation will provide one-on-one help to families battling DIPG. Your donation makes a difference.