Schools often organize various events and initiatives to raise money for charities. By organizing these fundraising activities, schools not only raise funds for important causes but also foster a sense of community, empathy, and civic engagement among students, staff, and families. 

Student v Teacher Charity Game

Schools may host a sporting competition between students and teachers (like a basketball game) and charge an admission for the community, donating proceeds to their favorite cause.

Walkathons or Fun Runs

Organizing a walkathon or fun run is a popular fundraising activity for schools. Students collect pledges from family and friends for each lap or mile completed, with funds raised going to the designated charity.

Themed Dress-Up Days

Schools can host themed dress-up days where students pay a small fee to participate. Themes could include pajama day, superhero day, or decade day, with proceeds going to charity.

Penny Wars

Schools often organize coin drives where students collect spare change in donation jars or piggy banks over a set period. The class or grade that collects the most money can win a prize, fostering friendly competition while raising funds for charity.

Bake Sale

Students, teachers, and parents can bake and donate goods to sell at school bake sales. These events are not only a tasty way to raise money but also provide an opportunity for students to learn about entrepreneurship and teamwork.

School Performances

Schools can host performances such as talent shows, musical concerts, or drama productions, with ticket sales or donations benefiting a charitable cause.

Principal Challenge

Get your principal on board to complete a challenge (e.g. dye their hair a fun color) if a fundraising goal is met. Students can either vote for their favorite idea by donating or simply donate to reach the fundraising goal as soon as possible.

Dine to Donate

Partnering with local restaurants or businesses for spirit nights is a simple yet effective way for schools to raise money. A portion of the proceeds from purchases made during the designated time period is donated to the school’s chosen charity.

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