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Our kids inspire us to fight to defeat DIPG.

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May 19, 2004 – December 7, 2008

Written by Chayton’s Father, Anthony

Chayton Joseph Aragon in Native American Chayton means, ‘Falcon’. His mother picked a most fitting name as he was destined to fly. This little man Soared, in that tiny little body beat the heart of a great man. It is my honor to share with you the story of how he lived. May 19, 2004, two scared adults have been waiting 18 hours of Intensive labor. They say Intensive and I have to agree. I knew the strength in his mother but had never seen it tested. She never wavered, she was there to meet her son and when she was done we would go home! Finally he is ready and no more than 5 min in this world. I told him how many things I had to show him and how we would be the best of friends. Chayton tilted his head toward me and smiled. Looking back I see he was telling us,” I have much more important things to show you.”

Our son loved to fish and to spend time with people. Playing with his brother Hunter was definitely one of his favorites. One summer day in July while I was pushing him on a swing he said he felt dizzy. I stopped the swing and he got off and struggled to walk. Lorena and I decided we should take him to the E.R. to get this ear infection looked at. We were at St. Mary’s Hospital for about an hour before we heard the plane was being prepped. Our son was going to fly to Children’s Hospital in Denver, Co. and only one of us could go with him. The first in many hard decisions we were about to make.

The moment the doctor walks in and tells you, “Your child has a rare form of cancer. There is no known cure, there is no known cause. I have never been hit so hard in my life. Our questions couldn’t stop until they recommend an experimental treatment ran by Colorado University Medical Department. We excused ourselves and went to see our son knowing these were his last days. We thought he should have some say in how he lived them. So we asked our son, “Chayton, you are sick and we can take some medicine and go home, or we can stay here for a while and take some new medicine that might help another child if they get sick too?” Chayton looked at us and said, “I think I would like to stay and help other kids.” Chayton was allergic to walking he ran everywhere after losing the ability to walk. He never lost his smile or his love for all. He never asked why me? We almost lost him those first few days even called the family in to say goodbye. But he woke up and he learned to walk again and I would like to think the choice he made that day gave us 6 more months to make sure he knew he is loved every day by everyone he knows.

I couldn’t be more proud and have always since then tried to help where I could when I could.   Serving in the Army or in my eighteen years as an Industrial electrician for the union, I never learned a more valuable lesson than I did that day. During his battle with D.I.P.G., my son showed me so many important things and I am forever blessed to have met him.

I love my Momma, Daddy, my Hunter, PaPa, Ga-Mah, UncleScott, Aunt Trena, Josh *Dramatic Sigh throwing arms in the air* I Love Everybody!!!”

Chayton Joseph Aragon (2004-2008)



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