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Thanks to your generous support, our foundation is able to continue to develop the next generation of leaders in DIPG research by awarding 8 new fellowships around the world.

“When Chad was diagnosed with DIPG in 2014, I was shocked by the lack of scientific knowledge and treatment options for the disease. To be able to offer these fellowships and foster the next generation of brilliant researchers is incredible and extremely necessary in order to uncover a cure for the deadliest form of cancer in kids.” — Tammi Carr (Chad’s mom and foundation co-founder)

Considering less than 4% of government cancer research funding is directed to childhood cancer in total, with less than 1% directed to childhood brain cancer, funding from private foundations is critical for enabling researchers to work toward a cure

That is why the ChadTough Defeat DIPG Foundation, along with its Family Partners and Research Partners, is excited to announce it has funded eight new Fellowships through its grant program. This adds to the twelve previously funded over the past five years! These unique Fellowships are awarded to outstanding predoctoral and postdoctoral fellows under the guidance of a mentor to help develop the next generation of leaders in DIPG research.

These eight new Fellowship grants have been awarded:
-Akash Deogharkar of the University of Michigan, mentored by Sriram Venneti
-Ryan Duchatel of the University of Newcastle, mentored by Matt Dun
-Pruthvi Gowda of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, mentored by Nika Danial
-Joana Graca Marques of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, mentored by Mariella Filbin
-Erik Peterson of the University of Michigan, mentored by Daniel Wahl
-David Rogawski of Stanford University, mentored by Michelle Monje
-Stefanie-Grace Sbergio of The Hospital for Sick Children, mentored by Cynthia Hawkins.
-Theophilos Tzaridis of the Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute, co-mentored by Robert Wechsler-Reya and Peter Adams.
-Stefanie-Grace Sbergio of The Hospital for Sick Children, mentored by Cynthia Hawkins.
“Private funding, including those granted by ChadTough Defeat DIPG, are critical for moving the field of DIPG forward,” said 2021 Fellowship awardee Dr. Tara Barron of Stanford University. “Foundations that specifically fund DIPG research not only enable but encourage researchers to include DIPG as a primary focus of their research.”
Foundation co-founders, Jason and Tammi Carr and Mark and Jenny Mosier, have a shared passion for curing childhood brain cancer, with an emphasis on DIPG, by funding the kind of game-changing research that was not available when they each lost their son to the disease in 2015. They, along with so many other parents they have met through their journey, believe that if there had been a stronger focus on research decades ago, their children would still be alive.

In the last 7 years, the foundation has now funded $23M dollars to over 50 researchers from 31 institutions around the world.

“To put this in perspective, when we started our foundation in 2015, the total amount of funding for DIPG research was around $3-5 million per year. Now the ChadTough Defeat DIPG Foundation funds that much each year on its own. We have now become the largest source of private funding for DIPG research in the world,” said Mark Mosier, co-founder and father of Michael who passed away to DIPG in 2015.

Awards are based on a rigorous review by the foundation’s Scientific Advisory Council, which is composed of leading experts on DIPG to ensure funds are used for the most incremental and promising research studies. 

Click here to learn more about research grants awarded through the ChadTough Defeat DIPG grant program.

Applications for ChadTough Defeat DIPG New Investigator and Game Changer grants are due February 9, 2023, with selections expected to be announced in the spring. Click here for more information.