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Foundation continues its commitment to develop the next generation of leaders in DIPG research by awarding a record 10 new fellowships around the world

The ChadTough Defeat DIPG Foundation, along with their Family Partners and Research Partners, has awarded 10 new Fellowships through their grant program, with a total new commitment of $2.6 million over 3 years. These Fellowships are designed to encourage outstanding pre-doctoral and post-doctoral fellows under the guidance of a mentor to help develop the next generation of leaders in DIPG research. The foundation is proud to add these 10 to the 20 fellowships previously funded over the last five years. This commitment brings the total amount funded for DIPG research to $29.6 million across 39 institutions across the world.

One of the primary goals of ChadTough Defeat DIPG is to attract more brilliant minds to the field of childhood brain cancer research. Over the few years, the foundation saw a 50% increase in research grant applications and shows more researchers than ever before are turning their attention toward a cure for DIPG.

These 10 new Fellowship grants have been awarded:

“Early support from ChadTough inspired me to focus my work on DIPG research,” said 2017 Fellowship awardee Zack Reitman of Duke University. “This type of funding is critical for encouraging young investigators and ensures top labs are prioritizing the study of this disease.”

Awards are based on a rigorous review by the foundation’s Scientific Advisory Council. This council is composed of leading experts on DIPG to ensure funds are used for the most incremental and promising research studies. The foundation is currently accepting applications for its next round of funding that includes New Investigator and Game Changer grants. The deadline is February 8, 2024 with an announcement expected in the Spring.

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