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Had a wonderful trip after Christmas with our little family. Every year it seems I’m able to handle Christmas a bit better and this year we didn’t leave Michigan until the 29th. Visited Arizona and just couldn’t get over the beauty. The area truly allows you to see the power of God…the beauty that he has created. It’s also a very peaceful inspiring place….especially Sedona. I have not felt as relaxed as I did there in a very long time. We did a little pay it forward there with our pink jeep tours host Jim in honor of Chad because he would have loved the tour and Jim!!!

There were little signs of Chad around us throughout the trip but our big Chadwink came on New Year’s Eve. We were driving to the Grand Canyon and stopped at a Walgreens for some necessities and some snacks. When we checked out I gave our phone number for the Walgreens discount and the man at the counter said “hello Charles.” The boys and I snapped our heads up and he said is that right, it says the name is Charles Carr. We all smiled and said yes…I have no idea why Chad’s name would be on that account but it was a welcome little hello for us to start 2019.

To end the trip, we were blessed to finally meet the Doherty family who lost their sweet boy Hollis 2 years ago. It was wonderful to connect about memories and also about how both of our families are working to support research into this monster of a disease. Us with ChadTough and they with their effort Hope Through Hollis. Cj and Tommy had a great time with their wonderful son Rhett over an amazing meal…and by the end they were laughing together like long time friends. It’s always wonderful to spend time with people who truly “get you.” Members of that club that nobody wants to join but so grateful that we have each other to lean on and to fight with.

So we feel like we started 2019 off on the right foot and we are ready to continue the fight. Was just introduced to another family in Michigan whose daughter was diagnosed recently. These children deserve more and this disease just doesn’t feel that darn rare at all! Thank you for helping us to bring DIPG into the light so that these children can have hope. We love you all and here’s to a fantastic 2019! 🧡 Tammi